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Tuesday 4 November 2014

Elliott's Bedroom Makeover

 When we moved in Elliott's room looked very brown: brown curtains, brown carpet, brown and beige wallpaper. This was topped with a lovely sink, just in case you know you fancied washing your hands. 
The wallpaper was pretty horrific and had to go straight away. It was one of those thick wallpapers that has a honeycomb texture to it as well as a weird brown pattern.  I got the keys at 9:30 and by 10 I was already peeling off the paper. What is great about papers as thick as these is that you usually have two layers, the first one goes easily and then you are left with a second layer that act as lining paper, perfect for painting if it is stuck properly of course. And that's exactly what I did, paint it. It turned out great and at least the carpet wasn't looking as bad then. It was nice to have a blank canvas to work with. 

Elliott needed some storage space for his ever growing toy collection so we invested in some cupboard. Most of his toys are now easily accessible but tucked away behind when his room is tidied.

We used some picture ledges to display some of his favourite books and bought lovely metal and wood unit from....Ikea. Yep it's hard not to go for Ikea pieces when our budget is tight. I found the old school desk on gumtree. We varnished it and lined the inside with nice wallpaper. I wanted a string shelf desk but again budget wise that wasn't going to happen so this was a nice compromise.

I wish the photos weren't as grainy but that would involve investing in a good camera...Santa can     you hear this?

Elliott's bed feels like a cosy nook with all his cute pillows.

I am really happy with how the room is looking so far and Elliott loves it, he is just happy to play for hours and knows where everything is, which is a great help.
There are a few things left to do, like deal with the ugly sink. Yep it is still in the room, we have turned off the water so that Elliott doesn't just decide to flood the place. Once it is gone we will add another three ledges for more books and that's it...until I change my mind and change everything!
What do you think anything you would change/add?

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