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Saturday 30 November 2013

Christmas Gift guide for Me oops Her:)

Tomorrow is the 1st December and I am so excited: I LOVE Christmas...funnily enough not for the presents, but for everything else the decoration, the food, the drinks, the time spent with family and friends. However, the gifts are a nice plus and I always enjoy reading gifts guides on other blogs so here my take on also means that I am subtly telling my family what I would like:)

I love origins and there are a few products I need/want. One of them being the Ginzing mascara. I also love their coral blusher. I went to the Origins stand in Debenham's a few months back and the girl there was great - midly over the top with her compliments but great nonetheless - she did my make up as I was looking for a new foundation and used a coral blusher and lip gloss on me. She picked a shade I would have never chosen myself and I was totally amazed. It looked really nice on.

I have been following Mini Eco's blog for a while now. I love everything she makes so I was pretty excited about her book coming out. Last year Allen and I used her template to make our own Christmas crackers and it was very straightforward so I am sure this book will have tons of doable projects to keep me busy!

How nice is this calendar? For the last few years I have been wanting to buy the Stendig calendar but always felt it was too dear.It is also pretty big and I was never too sure where it would go. This one is the perfect size and looks amazing. You can buy it from Coco Lapine's shop on the Big Cartel.


This cute Jonathan Adler's tortoise...Actually let's just rewrite this and say anything from Adler's collection I would be happy with...I know it is never going to happen as they are pretty expensive but you never know!

I am a sucker for a succulent...and I love these mini terrarium they are so cute...unfortunately this etsy shop does not ship to the UK...not happy:(

Beautiful phone cover from A skulk of Foxes

Cute necklace from an Etsy shop called Apple Latte. There are quite a few necklaces I have eying on etsy many good designers!!

Well voilĂ  my list of things I would like. It might give you ideas of what to get your loved ones as well. I would also check Door Sixteen post on gifts from local and independent artists as well as Creature Comfort's one with her list of top Etsy seller. You can also follow me on Pinterest I have a christmas board with all the items I have been eying up lately.

Top photo from Sarah Louise Matthews