Monday, 8 October 2018

My Favourite Bathroom Decorative Tiles

You don't need to be extravagant with your bathroom tile choice to make a big impact. Nothing makes me sadder than a beige bathroom! I am not saying go all in with a green suite but experiment by either having a classic but more interesting shape or vice versa. Don't do every surface in your bathroom in the same tile - have a feature wall if you want. Here are my six favourites:

1. Geometric Cube in Ebony/Dove/White porcelain hexagon. Wow that's mouthful! They would look perfect on the floor of a toilet room or a shower wall.

Bathroom Loula Hall

2. Matrix Azalea Pink 15x15 Tile.  Love the subtle pink tone in this one. If you are after pink tiles but want more of a gloss these from Madarin Stone are really cool as well.


3. Calcutta vein Honed Marble Herringbone Mosaic. Love marble, love herringbone so this is one combo I would absolutely need in my house. I could have marble everything to be honest. I also love the oversized rectangle marble tiles from Porcelanosa.


4. San Diego - Santa Cruz Moonstone How cute are these? You get a little bit of a geometric without going to crazy. They come in different colours but I think the off-white and green ones are my favourites. They also look nice in a kitchen.

5. Black Matt Hexagon tiles. My old time favourite. These would look cool anywhere. Has to be matt and has to be black. Don't get me wrong I love them in marble too but the hexagon shape has to appear somewhere in your house! This place also does lovely ones.

6. Last but not least the scallops tiles - they are appearing everywhere at the moment. I love them, I think they look so interesting. With theses I wouldn't crazy and do a whole bathroom but select a feature wall and go for it. I love how different grouting will give you different effects. Here are some of my favourites: the Atlantis Scallop Porcelain grey or if you want glam go for these and these are more subtle but nonetheless gorgeous.


Saturday, 25 August 2018

Six Neutral Rugs That Will Rock Your Space

Who does not love a good rug? so soft and inviting. I have to say I wasn't into rugs for a long time purely because for a while the trend was to have really bright, geometric rugs that are so bright and busy that no normal human being would leave with being scarred for life. I like a neutral rug that complements your space beautifully. A rug that you want to lie on and grounds the space.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Interior of the week

I am always going to be attracted to interiors that are light and airy. This one has such a softness to it, really calming. I also love the use of plants throughout the house.

Images Stadshem

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Beautiful Blush Bedroom

Love love love the addition of the blush bedsheets in the flat. It complements the monochrome perfectly. I recently bought blush linen pillowcases from Piglet in Bed. So soft and pretty!

Photos from Entrance by Anders Bergstedt 


Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Marble Love

I have seeing a lot of kitchen with marble counter and backsplash lately. I really love it combined with pastel green or black.

Photos from top to bottom: unknown (let me know if you do!) // Petra Bindel // Derek Swalwell // Bulthaup

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Hallway makeover

One of my friend asked me for ideas about doing up his hallway. It's quite a big hallway with a main rectangle shape entrance and a long narrow corridor going to the kitchen. At the moment it feels dark (no natural light),  a little depressing and quite disjointing.
He had already decided he wanted to go for a darker colour, which I completely agreed with. Painting it white would be fine but it wouldn't have the same impact as painting a rich dark blue for example. I used it as option 3 in the brief in case he chickened out:)

1. Hang it All by Eames // 2. Molecular pendant by House Doctor // 3. Dots Wall Hooks by Muuto // 4. Brass Swing Lamp by One Forty Three // 5. Mosslanda picture ledge by Ikea // 6. Ivar Cabinet by Ikea //  7. Skogsv√•g mirror by Ikea  // 8. Block Rug by House Doctor  // 9. George Nelson Bench //  10. Pockets by Normann Copenhagen