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Saturday 25 August 2018

Six Neutral Rugs That Will Rock Your Space

Who does not love a good rug? so soft and inviting. I have to say I wasn't into rugs for a long time purely because for a while the trend was to have really bright, geometric rugs that are so bright and busy that no normal human being would leave with being scarred for life. I like a neutral rug that complements your space beautifully. A rug that you want to lie on and grounds the space.

Here are six of my favourites:
1. Block Rug by House Doctor
2. Kalgi Rug by Urbanara
3. Pebble Wool Rug by Dunhelm 
4. Dhurrie Rug by West Elm

5. Afar Berber Style Rug by La Redoute

6. This Stripe Rug by Carpet Vista (left) is a nice alternative to the iconic Ikea rug (right)

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