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Thursday 25 April 2013

Project I am bored! Part 2

It took a few weeks to get to this stage!
Following the book I was lent to the letter I attempted to tie these springs. Oh my god, it was farcical! It telles you to use your forearm to push the springs down as you are attempting to tie them. Everytime I tried they kept popping back up I would get it in the face etc. So I gave up then came this guy on youtube. He made it look effortless well it wasn't... I tried my best and this is what I ended with ( I did get fed up half way through and ended up making my own version)

It isn't perfect but at the same time I was quite proud. Now I wish I had followed this blog post from the start! It is so clear and detailed it would have my life a lot easier. But by that point as you can see I had stapled the hell out of that chair and wasn't too keen on removing them all not because I am lazy but because I was worried it would weaken the fabric of the chair! Anyway it really should have looked like this picture but hey nobody's perfect!
Design Sponge
By that point I had vowed that will follow their instructions to the letter... until I got bored again:)

The next step is to cover the spring with burlap and my chair looked like this:

After that I used spray adhesive to glue some strips of burlap onto the foam, this would make it easier to staple the whole thing to the chair. I never used edge roll like they recommend in the blog simply because I didn''t have any!

It really started to feel good, the chair was taking shape, Zoe even had a good and sat on it. She said it was comfy but for me all I can see if that back spring being slightly higher than the others!!!
After that you cover the whole thing with Dacron (such a weird word! can never remember it). It smoothes out your seat and kind of get rid of imperfections.

VoilĂ :) Next step is to staple the fabric and make the double welted cord  - not too sure how this is going to turn out my sewing skills are pretty rubbish but we will see...
You also got a sneak peak at the fabric I am going to use as I was too eager to see what it would look like and already stapled it to the back of the chair!

Tips for projects like this:

  • research what tools you will need before your start- I really like this site
  • try to get the correct accessories you need - my cord for the springs wasn't very good at all and I don't think helped me in the long run also my bog standard staple gun wasn't great for hard to reach places and was quite painful to use. Now I dream of this bad boy...
  • Set enough time aside to do this without rushing

Thursday 11 April 2013

Print Envy

undo by Clare Elsa Esser

Small post today about a few things I have on my constantly growing wish list.
I have always loved illustrations but lately I have been trying to look at other type of 'art' we could have in the house.
Here's a small selection of posters I have been wanting for a while as well as some other pieces that  I really like. I don't know anything about art but I tend to be attracted to abstract. What does that say about me? Not sure:)

Cat Girl

Saturday 6 April 2013

Project I am bored! Part 1

I bought this chair about 10 years ago in France. We've never been able to use it as the legs were broken and the seat was completely wonky! I always said at some point I will attempt to re-upholster it but could never be bothered and wasn't too sure where to start.
After having read a few posts about re-upholtering (little green notebook is great for how to staple the fabric properly and this blog too if like me you have a chair with springs) I decided I should really have a go - worst case scenario I make it worse - if that's possible.