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Monday 8 October 2018

My Favourite Bathroom Decorative Tiles

You don't need to be extravagant with your bathroom tile choice to make a big impact. Nothing makes me sadder than a beige bathroom! I am not saying go all in with a green suite but experiment by either having a classic but more interesting shape or vice versa. Don't do every surface in your bathroom in the same tile - have a feature wall if you want. Here are my six favourites:

1. Geometric Cube in Ebony/Dove/White porcelain hexagon. Wow that's mouthful! They would look perfect on the floor of a toilet room or a shower wall.

Bathroom Loula Hall

2. Matrix Azalea Pink 15x15 Tile.  Love the subtle pink tone in this one. If you are after pink tiles but want more of a gloss these from Madarin Stone are really cool as well.


3. Calcutta vein Honed Marble Herringbone Mosaic. Love marble, love herringbone so this is one combo I would absolutely need in my house. I could have marble everything to be honest. I also love the oversized rectangle marble tiles from Porcelanosa.


4. San Diego - Santa Cruz Moonstone How cute are these? You get a little bit of a geometric without going to crazy. They come in different colours but I think the off-white and green ones are my favourites. They also look nice in a kitchen.

5. Black Matt Hexagon tiles. My old time favourite. These would look cool anywhere. Has to be matt and has to be black. Don't get me wrong I love them in marble too but the hexagon shape has to appear somewhere in your house! This place also does lovely ones.

6. Last but not least the scallops tiles - they are appearing everywhere at the moment. I love them, I think they look so interesting. With theses I wouldn't crazy and do a whole bathroom but select a feature wall and go for it. I love how different grouting will give you different effects. Here are some of my favourites: the Atlantis Scallop Porcelain grey or if you want glam go for these and these are more subtle but nonetheless gorgeous.


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