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Friday 31 October 2014

Friday I'm In Love - bathrooms

This post was going to be about metro tiles then hexagonal tiles and now it's just a general bathroom one, yep that's just how I roll:)
I am currently obsessing with bathrooms and I know it is purely because ours is in dire need of a makeover. It is so vile I don't even think I will ever post before photos, I'll just grow straight to after. It has poor ventilation so it's getting quite moldy...yuk! The paint is peeling off and the grouting is horrendous. Basically it's the last place you would go if you want to get clean! But all that would be fine and easily fixed if the layout wasn't just the most bizarre thing I have ever encountered. Whoever I had the idea must have lived on another planet. They have created a sort of airlock chamber in the middle of the room...really bizarre. And this is why this week I am celebrating all things shiny and clean and polished.
So feast your eyes on the photos below.

Photo by The Design Files

Photo by Door Sixteen

Photo from Apartment Therapy

Photo by Dear Designer

Jatana Interiors photographed by Armelle Habib

The Story Hotel bathroom photographed By A merry Mishap

For some reason blogger isn't letting me change the link for the caption. So apologies in advance if each photo isn't linked properly. Hopefully I can fix it soon.
Happy Halloween and have a lovely weekend.

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