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Saturday 25 October 2014

Favourite Toddler books

Back in May 2013 I did my first post about kids' books, i might have mentioned at the time that it was going to be a weekly post...hummm well that went well didn't it? Anyhow here's my second post and this time I am looking at toddler books that we have loved reading. Elliott is now four and half and he still loves all of these books. Every night we have a routine going one before bed and having two books read is part of it. I love that moment when you snuggle up and look at beautifully illustrated stories.

1. Mr Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown. This book has a nice contrast of grey pages when Mr Tiger is expected by society to behave a certain way and bold colourful pages when he breks free from what's expected. The illustration is beautiful, bright and colourful. The story shows that a little individuality is exactly what people need to be happy.

2. Little Mouse by Alison  Murray. Beautifully illustrated book depicting the different moods of a little girl, she might stomp like an elephant or she will always be her mummy's little mouse. Very sweet.

3. For Just One Day by Laura Leck and Marc Boutavant. Wouldn't it be a fun to be a snake for just one day? This bright and colourful book does just that. I love the bold colours of this book. It has a lovely retro feel to it.

4. Who's Like Me? by Nicola Davies. Beautifully illustrated again by Marc Boutavant. Elliott loves animals and this book teaches him about their different habitats. It has flap so that the child gets involved. Love love love this book. It also became a staple present for  birthdays as it is just such a nice book.

5. Hey Presto! by Nadia Shireen. A very sweet and funny book about friendship and how fragile it can be when success is involved!

Here is my shortlist for this time but there are many many more books that we love!

PS: I know I missed my Friday I'm In Love post this week, it will be back next week:)

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Unknown said...

it's very nice but french books are missing !!!!