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Friday 3 October 2014

Friday I'm in Love - String shelves

Babyccino Kids

The String shelving system was designed by Swedish architect and designer Nils Strinning in 1949 for a design competition initiated by the Bonnier public library. Recognising that if people were to be encouraged to purchase books they would need somewhere to keep them, the Bonnier publishing house stipulated that the designs submitted should be affordable, simple to transport and easy to assemble and hang. Strinning's String system won first prize.
More than 60 years on and the String shelves system is still going strong. It is super versatile, light but still stable. Each component can easily repositioned and combined with others and it works just as well in the kitchen or bathroom as it does in an office or lounge. Perfect for displaying cute toys like the above photo.

 The photo above shows the String Pocket shelves. It is like a mini version of the String shelving system. It comes with two side panels and three shelves. Its size is perfect for displaying books and beautiful objects. It comes in different colours or different types of wood, which makes it so versatile. You could have a yellow one in a kids bedroom and a white and walnut one in the Living Room!

The Shelving system comes with different components like this mini sliding door cupboard, perfect to have as drink cabinet I'm thinking! It's perfect if you don't want to have everything on display.

Photo Süsk & Banoo

Photo Varpunen

Photo Weekday Carnival
I love the option of having a desk as instead of another shelves. It's great when space is an issue as it doesn't take that much space but makes a clearly defined working area.

Photo Weekday carnival
The one downside of the String Shelves system is its price, it can add up quickly if you had very components but it is a design classic that you will have forever. The Pocket shelves are on the other hand affordable It would probably cost you as much to get three shelves and similar sides in Ikea so purely for that, it's absolutely worth it as you would be owning a part of history!

On that note I hope you have a lovely weekend. The weather has turned really autumnal here in Glasgow. I have resisted putting the heating on so far but I am not sure how long I will last!! We have nothing planned this weekend as E is exhausted from school and just want to stay in and play with his Lego.
Bon Weekend!

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