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Saturday 30 March 2013

Fresh Start- Zoe's bedroom update

As I had already mentioned here Zoë's bedroom was a mess. Our priority when we got the keys was to make the bedrooms habitable first and then we would deal with the rest once we had moved.  The room had been painted green and it took about four coats to finally get it white.

My friend Lucy, who had very kindly volunteered to help me, and I thought we would never get rid of that green! Every time the white coat dried the green came back up, I dreamed of green for about three days after that!!
Once the room was all whire, it really made a big difference. There is something so lovely about a freshly painted bedroom, especially in white, it is so fresh and clean.

 Next step was getting a new carpet. I would have preferred to sand the floorboards but after lifting the old carpet, we found out the boards were a mess and some needed repaired so we went for carpet.
Our budget was tight and the room is big so we decided to go to one of these local carpet place where they have end rolls from other jobs they have done.
In the shop I was looking for something neutral and of good quality with a cheap price tag. Well, my option were very limited! I was really worried this carpet was going to be too brown for me but I actually love how it looks in the room. It looks more like a natural fibre carpet and the underlay is really thick so it feels really nice underfoot.

 I decided to buy new curtains for her room to help keep the cold out, and the best place for me still remains Ikea. Glasgow's flat have massive windows and it would cost a small fortune to get curtains custom made. Ikea's curtains are perfect length wise and at £50 per pair, that's pretty good. They are velvet-like and I love the colour. When it comes to window we are total freaks and often have blinds plus curtains in the bedrooms, to keep out the cold and the light! The blinds are old ones Zoe used to have in the old flat.

I had to compromise and not buy the string shelves:( One day maybe...instead we put up shelves from Ikea we already had. The Beano print is just a sheet of wrapping paper framed.
If you look above the radiator you can see a weird stripe of paper. Somehow someone at some point went through the length of removing all the woodchip from this room and re-papered the wall...except from that tiny little area above the radiator where a shelf was. I mean how how hard is it to unscrew a shelf and do this bit as well??? Lazy lazy I say!

There is still lots of bits and pieces I want to do in her room. Especially with the area under her bed. It looks so bare! There will also be a post coming up soon about her blackboard.


Anonymous said...

looking good xx

Anonymous said...

very good work !