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Sunday 10 March 2013

Zoë's Bedroom

When we moved into our new house, Zoë's bedroom was probably the worst room out of the lot and was our priority. All the other rooms were liveable, hers was pretty bad. There was a section of carpet missing, the walls were really dirty and it just looked horrendous. It was green, very green: green curtains, green walls, green carpet. Green used to be my favourite colour before we moved here, now I am not so sure! Sometimes I wonder if the landlord didn't just buy one big giant 10 litre pot of green paint and randomly painted the house with is literally everywhere!

Prior to moving I had started gathering images that I really liked for her room on a pinterest board.
There were clearly a few things that were top of my lists - new carpet, paint walls and woodwork white, I really would have liked to have painted the door too but all the doors have been stripped in the house so I thought we would leave them for just now.

I love how clean and pure the white looks against the touches of black


I love the bright touches of colours

I was very aware that Zoë is nearly a teenager. A lot of the bedroom inspiration I found were more for a 6/7 year old but maybe not so for a 12 year old.

Below is the kind of items I wanted to incorporate in her room, not all made it due to our very tight budget but the room is going in a direction I like so I am happy so far! ( after picture to follow x)

1.Fine Little day, Gran wallpaper / 2. Turquoise Ikea curtains / 3. String® shelves / 4. Pinocchio rug by Hay

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Anonymous said...

Good ideas for this bedroom !