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Thursday 7 March 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

So Mother's Day is round the corner - Sunday 10th March! Although it can be seen as just another commercial event I love the fact that mums are getting a day just for them. We deserve it!!So here are a few things that I have had my eyes on lately! ( Hint Hint...)

1. BoConcept Candlesticks / 2.UO necklace / 3. Oana Befort Lion print / 4. Indeeb Labs Eye Rescue

These are just a few things I love.
1.These candlesticks are the kind of things I would never buy myself. I tend to be good with big pieces of furniture but I am pretty useless when it comes to accessories. But I love these colours against the warm wood.
2. I love this necklace from Urban Outfitters, they have a few in the same line and I just love the shapes.
3. I think this Lion print is super cool and would look really good in our bedroom. I love the black and white against the tiny hint of bright colours. In the same style, I love this print too from RK Design.
4. I am useless at living on very little sleep and the first thing that shows when I had a bad night sleep are dark circles. This cream apparently works wonder. Every mum needs it!

I would also love a card from Rifle Paper Co as I just really like everything they design. And if you are on their website shopping you might as well buy this beautiful recipe card box:

I hope you have a lovely Sunday. I know I will. My lovely mother-in-law has invited me and two sisters-in-law to what sounds like an amazing restaurant! Mange time:)

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Anonymous said...

the lion head is very beautifull !