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Monday 5 October 2015

Kids Room - Wallpaper

I am still alive! Apologies for the long absence but I have been so busy at work and it managed to kill any creativity I had.  This post is a funny one as I have a love hate relationship with wallpaper. I like the idea of having one wall papered and I adore all the wallpapers I am featuring today BUT it's a big commitment! It's not like paint where you can just paint over if you don't like the colour or you are fancy a change. Wallpaper is a bit more expensive, a total pain to hang and basically that makes it long term:)
But if I were braver this would be some of these options I would go for, not too busy, not too much colour, on one wall perfect!

Wallpaper Fine Little Day

Wallpaper Sian Zeng; Photo Riikka Kantinkoski
Wallpaper by Fine Little Day

wallpaper by Ferm Living

Wallpaper Ralph Lauren; Photo One More Mushroom

Wallpaper by Ferm Living

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