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Friday 21 August 2015

Friday I'm in Love! Chunky sofas

Photo by Muuto
I love a bulky sofa, they look so inviting! I imagine I could spend hours in one of these reading or catching up on my favourite TV series.
I tend to love grey or dark blue for sofas, especially for this shape of sofa. I also think a chunky thicker knit is the best fabric for these.

First up is the Carmo sofa from Bo Concept. I love the fact that it is modular. It looks super comfy with the extra padding and the arm rests look wide enough to sit a cuppa while reading a magazine. You can see it in situ over at The Design Chaser blog, it looks beautiful in Michelle's gorgeous home!

Next is another modular chunky sofa I love, Palo from Hem. Its removable strut frame allows you to add, remove and rearrange components easily as your living circumstances change. I really love this shade of blue. Again you can see it over at Weekday Carnival's blog where Riika styled some of Hem's beautiful pieces.

Below is the Rest sofa by Muuto - you can see it in pink in the photo at the top. I love it shape and the feet add some quirkiness to the overall design.

If you don't want to break the bank, head to Ikea for this very comfy yet stylish Nockeby sofa. I love the double armrest and the seats are deep and gives you extra support. There are two options of feet but I really like these dark wood square ones.

Next is the Bjørn sofa by Hay. It boast a really simple minimalist shape with an upholstered aluminum frame. It looks really inviting and I love the pale grey fabric.

A and I have been talking about getting a new sofa at some point - I currently have two Habitat sofas I got from Gumtree. They were super cheap so I couldn't pass on such a bargain plus they were comfier than my old one. But they are in white leather, which isn't my top choice when it comes to sofas. I would be happy with any of these 5 I have to say!

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