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Thursday 19 September 2013

Dining Room Inspiration

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted. I was full of good intentions and was planning on doing a post a week but the summer holiday started and my whole routine was changed. We went on holiday to France for 3 weeks andwe had a fantastic time but it meant that I was completely distracted from my blog:(( oups!! Nevermind I am back now and hopefully will keep posting regularly.

Anyway, I am super excited about next week. A guy is coming to sand the floor in the dining room and I can't wait. At the moment it is carpeted and it looks pretty dire. If you can't remember what it looks like here is a reminder:

This is my idea of hell: weird colour carpet, check; dogdy fireplace, check; thick heavy horrid colour curtain, check, tons of different kind of wood: check. This photo was taken before we moved in so thankfully all the furniture has now gone.
I have been painting the walls and did a fireplace makeover so I am very excited that the carpet is going and we will have floors that we can mop and brush!!!

After that it is all going to be about decorating, how exciting! I have a few photos I have been saving in my pinterest board. I do like the black and white interior but think I need some colour.

from a blog I always go to for inspiration: door sixteen
 I really like the painting in this one just adds a pop of colour. We have the same table as these pictures
found on this blog but I don't know the actual source:(
 Although I am not a big fan of the table itself I like the pops of colour against the grey wall.

from the graham and green catalog
Will keep you posted once we have made a bit more progress!

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Anonymous said...

OH yes it's a very nice project ,lovely pictures !!!!