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Friday 17 July 2015

Lucy's bedroom revamp

I am still helping out my friend Lucy with her new flat. Hopefully she will get her keys soon and we get cracking! Today I am looking at bedrooms. For me a bedroom as to be light and calm. I have chosen two bedrooms for inspiration and both marry wood, grey and whites perfectly.

Photo from The Nicest Things

Photo by Coco Lapine
This what Lucy's future bedroom looks like ( I couldn't get a better pic - this is from the estate agents brochure!) but you get the gist of it.

The bedroom has good basics standard shape, white walls and the floors are ok (They could be lightened, like in the living room but it's not urgent I guess)
I know Lucy is getting the window casement painted white, which I think is the right choice as it will make the room look bigger.

For the furniture, I always say keep it simple and don't go for matching everything, it gives a more interesting look and keeps it from looking like a showroom:)

I like very simple beds nothing fancy and this one from Ikea is perfect. You can add legs if you prefer. I would get the Pax wardrobe for storage as you can add more units later one when you need more or when you have more money.  Add some blackout blinds and we are good for the basics. For the erst I love pale grey and pastel colour tones to add to the white. It creates a really soft and calm bedroom. Here's a breakdown of what I would get for Lucy's bedroom.

Beautiful white linen curtain by H&M // Blush pink round cushion by Studio NL // Norm 03 light by Normann Copenhagen // Dot hook great for jewellery by Muuto //  Dusty green circle tray by Cooee Design // White linen double sheet by H&M // Light grey Woollen blanket by Fine Little Day // One Step Up Bookcase by Normann Copenhagen // Triangle laundry bag by House Doctor

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