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Thursday 5 February 2015

If I were small enough I would move in straight away

Today's post is all about doll's houses!! I loved playing with my dolls when I was a wee girl. I was quite a tomboy but still loved barbies and my babies:)
My sweet daughter Zoë was never that fussed about dolls, she had a few babies that she played with from time to time but they were pretty much neglected the rest of the time. Elliott doesn't even want to entertain the ideas of dolls...much to my frustration as I would love a doll's house to decorate!!!  There are just so cute, don't you think?
I have selected the best ones around. These doll's house are soooo cool.and have carefully decorated by their owner so that they are just mini replica of über trendy interiors. I would love my own house to look like this, let alone a doll's house!! So feast your eyes on these babies!!!

Dolls house designed and styled by This Modern Life

The photo above and the two below are of a house created by the amazing Suzanne from This Modern Life. Not only has she got the most gorgeous online shop and an amazing house, she also has the cutest doll's house to go with it. I can't believe she managed to recreate so much from her own house, down to the kids beddings. Suzanne and her husband built the coolest bunked bed in the shape of a house with its own side staircase. And is that wasn't cool enough she has managed to build a mini version for the dolls!! If that's not dedication...

Amazing lounge designed by This Modern Life

That fantastic bed designed by This Modern Life - She even has a Miniwilla print!:)

If you want more scandi design, @Chloeuberkid has another rad looking doll's house, decorated with some highly coveted products: a Stentig calendar, aSuper Rural poster, a Miniwilla poster and even the Andy Warhol's Moderna Museet poster!! I also love the tiny Lego storage box and Le Sac en Papier next to the bed so cute.

Doll's house by Chloe from @Choeuberkid

Next one is something you could see on one of the best igers posts as a real modern minimalist nursery but instead it's just a mini version. Sara from Leetle Chicken Shop decides to re-create her own daughter's nursery. But she went one step further, she asks each brand to create a miniature of the real life items! 

Bear rug by Roxy Marj,  the Oeuf crib is a replica made by PRD miniatures, Baby Deer Print from Sharon Montrose

Apple cuchion by Studio Meez, Plus Sign Quilt from LWPH Sews, Tee-pee from Be Little You and Me, Gold Polka-Dot Wall Decals from Urban Walls

And last but certainly not list, a full townhouse, yep that's right the whole thing, basically my dream house in a miniature form:)  I have to say when I stumbled upon Linzi's ig feed. I had to do a double take as I didn't realise at first that some of the photos were of the doll's house. They genuinely passed as real size room, that's how good they are!

Look at that kitchen, brick wall and all! The wooden floor is lovely too.

Amazing bathroom, and really cute kids' room
I can't believe I managed to produce such a long post purely talking about doll's house, but I think I slightly obsessed now! It makes for an amazing project and your kids might enjoy playing with it too, great for their imagination:)

I hope you have a lovely weekend!! x

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