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Friday 12 September 2014

Friday I'm in Love - My Home Bakery

It's crazy how quickly the week passes! I work Monday to Wednesday and i usually have to work in the evening so I am always looking forward to Wednesday night. I know I can relax a bit and focus more on my family and the house. I had grand plans for this Thursday, my to do list is huge and thought I would be able to tick most things off by the the end of Thursday. However, nothing straightforward hey? E woke up at 3 am, he had vomited all over his bed, after that he decided he just wanted to watch telly and refused to go back to bed. Z woke up and was sick straight away too... this was going to be a fun day!! So here we are Friday already I have completed nothing from my list, I am feeling pretty nauseous myself, I am walking around with a bottle of disinfecting spray as I do not want to be ill but I know it's coming my way:((
Ironically I had planned this post long before the sickness bug. Yeap, what I want is to stare at food right now...not.

But nevertheless if I weren't ill this is what I would love to have, a treat from My Home Bakery!
I love this place, so much so that when A and I got married, we ordered some of the cakes in mini sized version for our cake table. They were sooo cute and the perfect size for someone like me who can't commit to one cake and just want to bloody try the whole lot!! Price wise it was very reasonable too.

So here is a run down of some of our favorite cakes:


Oh my this is a very very good cake, it has a bit of chocolate in it but not much and it's very orangey, the cake is the perfect texture and super moist, The glaze on top with the orange is delicous. Would highly recommend it even if you aren't a big fan of orange in cake, this would change your mind.


This is one of my favourite and they usually have a deal on, buy 2 for £3 I think, I usually end up buying this one and a chocolate one as I know I won't be disappointed. The icing is super yummy and again the cake is moist and really light.


It's funny as it's not cake I would normally choose but this one is really really good. Again they aced the icing, it's sharp and not too sweet and really balcances the cake. Unfortunately A loves this cake so I never get more than a sliver:(


Elliott chose this one and although I do like a carrot cake, purely because I believe I am eating one of my five a day, I have never been blown away by one. But once again My Home Bakery have nailed it, perfect tangy icing and super moist and tasty cake. Both A and I were surprised by how nice this was. 

What I love about this place is that although it is a small bakery, they have plenty of different cakes to choose from. They always have the usual ones they make but also have one or two new ones each time I go. They also have a lovely selection of breads.

If cakes aren't your thing then don't fret as they also make awesome sandwiches and rolls like a sausage and black pudding roll or a lamb and mango roll.

So if you are tempted you can find more info on their Facebook page.

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