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Monday 2 December 2013

Gift guide for Him

So after the last post about what we, well I might like, I thought it would be a good idea to do a post about what our lovely gentlemen might like.

1. This wee speaker is amazing. It is small and easily moved from one room to another. It is wireless but comes with a cable if you need to recharge it and it has bluetooth so again no need to plug in anything. The sound is really good as well. I bought for £49 on amazon but it's now up at £99 - something I don't get with amazon prices constantly change!! A loves his as he is always listening to podcast while cooking.

2. A few weeks back A and I bought Adrien Tomine's Scenes from a impending marriage in a second hand book sell for £1! We had a good laugh over as we are getting married next year there were lots of scenes we could relate to. A already owned Shortcomings but the reviews for Sleepwalk seem really good so it is one that both of us would enjoy.

3. A actually suggested that one he particularly liked the fact that both Keith Richards and Johnny Depp spoke on this audio book.

4. This stand is beautifully simple. It comes in different wood but I like the black walnut.

5. This is a really cute gadget. Projecteo is a tiny Instagram projector. You select your favorite Instagram photos to be printed on the mini wheel and that's you, you've got your very own mini slideshow at home.

6. A loves  Graniph's  t-shirt but after looking on their website I really like their knitwear too. This bike jumper is pretty cool. It also comes with a skateboard which I really too.

There you are! Gone are the days of rubbish presents for our lovely boys at Christmas:)

1 comment:

Hena Tayeb said...

that mini camera is adorable.