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Thursday 28 February 2013

New-ish House

Front of the house
I can't believe it has already been nearly 6 months since we have moved into our new house. I had said to myself that I would start a blog shortly after we moved, but 6 months I think I have been a bit lazy! We used to live in a lovely two bedroom ground floor flat in what I would describe as one of the loveliest streets in Glasgow. It was so pretty with its old lamp post and beautiful gardens in the middle. We were able to have barbecue or just lie in the sun. It was great but unfortunately with Elliott getting older and still having his cot in our bedroom it wasn't ideal. Because of the age difference between Zoe and Elliott we thought putting together in a room wouldn't work. So we set about finding a new place in our budget that met our long list of demands. At many points in our search we thought that place didn't even exist!
This is what we were looking for:
* 3/4 bedrooms - an extra would be great for guests
* No neighbours above if possible
* would be great if it was a duplex
* in a area near the school Zoe goes to.
* Unfurnished - that seems to be near impossible in Glasgow!
* for less than £1000 a month - top of our budget
I looked at many many flats most of them ticked one or two points but never more. They were either amazing but too expensive or in our price range but furnished and miles away from where we wanted.
But then one day on Gumtree a very short ad came up. It had no photos and it was a tiny bit above our price range. When I went to see it. I had a really good feeling about it despite that the place was looking very dark, had so many pieces of furniture in it you could barely move! And to top it all it could really do with a good lick of paint.
Unfortunately I was going back to France for 3 weeks. I was really hoping that the flat would still be there when I came back. Allen was away for work but I kindly told the landlord that he was back for one day if we could arrange for a viewing. Allen went to see it and hated it. I was really determined by that point and anyone that knows me know that I don't really let go:) When I really want something I do everything to get it.
When I got back to France the flat was still on the market. I went to see it again and negotiated a lower price on the condition we would do the work to make it more habitable!!! I was delighted. This is how the house looked when I went to see it

The Living room is so green. The carpet has to go!
This dining room has such an 'orange' feel.
Not 100% sure what I will do yet.

Kitchen- actually looks better in picture:)

This was the best room in the house.
The carpet was new and the walls weren't wood-chip and were painted white

Now Elliott's bedroom
This is now our spare bedroom/ playroom

This green nightmare is now Zoe's bedroom
Downstairs bathroom - some kind of sauna lookalike:(

Now that we've been in the house 6 months we have made some changes - not enough in my opinion. I think we were super motivated for the first months and then steam runs out - money too and work started taking over again. I go through phases, on minute I have lots of projects and do loads to the house and then the next minute I get distracted...oups:) Allen is more of a thinker so he slows me down quite often and makes me think before I act!

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Anonymous said...

It is a lovely big flat !