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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Plants & Pots

Image Vontrueba

Today is all about plants and pots. I love a bit of greenery in my house but I am absolutely useless at keeping anything alive. I even managed to kill cacti! pretty bad isn't it? But I am not giving up! I am hoping to add to my small collection of plants with a monstera deliciosa. I love the shadows they cast and how green they look.
I have selected some of my favourite pots, from your simple terracota, which I think is timeless, to the iconic Merci paper bag.


I love having a small grouping of cacti on a sideboard or shelves and these mini pots are perfect! I just bought the Serax cup from Naked Lunge and my small cactus looks really cute in it. How sweet are the face pots from House of Rym and Meyer-Lavigne?


Image Gaelle LeBoulicaut

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